Planning A Memorable Luxury Holiday


Due to their busy lives, most people rarely get the time to unwind, revitalize and spend quality time with their loved ones. This is why you should make good use of the time you have. When the phrase ‘luxury holiday’ is mentioned, it conjures up different emotions and ideas for different people. Typically, a luxury vacation is one where you indulge yourself, and do the things you always wanted to do. These vacations evoke images of elegant four poster beds, silk sheets, champagne, relaxing massages, or sunbathing on an untouched tropical beach. The enjoyment of having a candlelit bath, and visiting a gorgeous retreat with your friends or partner, makes you feel excited and alive.

The islands of the Maldives are regarded by many as the world’s most luxurious holiday hotspots. Renown for their blue/green crystal waters and white sandy beaches, these islands epitomize the ultimate in luxury. With glass floored, freestanding beach huts, where you can marvel at sea creatures while you eat breakfast, there’s nowhere else on earth that compares. Unfortunately though, these types of holidays are only available to the wealthy. Unless you have tens of thousands of dollars/pounds at your disposal, you will not be able to hire a luxury chartered yacht to cruise round the Maldives for seven days.

There are luxury holiday destinations on virtually every continent. Travel agents offer package deals to these destinations, which include stays in five star hotels. These deals are popular with customers, due to the excellent hotel facilities, the natural or historical features of the destinations, and the amazing views on offer in many of the hotel rooms. The exclusivity of these destinations is also a major attraction.

It is wrong to say that luxury holidays are the sole preserve of the wealthy however, because ‘luxury’ can mean different things to different people. Luxury is not necessarily just about expensive cruises, spas, award winning hotels, exotic cuisine and first class flying. Instead, it could be about taking a break from your daily routine. For some people, luxury is not having to wake up early to travel to work. It is about having as much time as they want to spend with family and friends. It is about relaxing, enjoying the weather and being content and carefree. Holidays that offer this are luxurious, even if they are cheap.

Going on holiday should be about appreciating the joy of life and nature. This, in itself, is a luxury. It is surprising how many travel agents offer affordable rates for flights and hotels to incredible destinations, such as the Seychelles, Thailand, Mauritius, Bali, Singapore, Dubai, Oman, and Abu Dhabi — to name just a few. Therefore, you can still plan a great vacation that fits your budget. In certain instances, if you shop around, you can enjoy amazing facilities, historical areas of interest and picturesque scenery for far less than you might expect.

One fantastic, yet affordable, luxury holiday destination is the Caribbean. The large swath of the Atlantic Ocean features many lovely islands that attract tourists the world over. St Lucia ranks among the Caribbean’s most stunning islands. Situated on the east side of the Caribbean, the island borders the Atlantic Ocean on the southern side. This is why the island has a range of picturesque beaches, with a mixture of green and blue lagoons and waters.

On an annual basis, countless tourists bask on this island’s amazing beaches. Because of this huge demand, the island has been able to afford to develop numerous tourist attractions. Dozens of resorts, hotels, amusement parks and tourist trails are available, and there are plenty of nightlife options too. Although it is only small, the island has a cosmopolitan mix of traditions and cultures. The native Africans, Europeans and Americans all contribute to this.

December to March is St Lucia’s peak season, because this is when people want a break from the cold weather in North America and Europe. Although you can have an excellent vacation during this period, it will take a major chunk out of your bank balance. Over the peak season, rents are up to ten times more expensive than they are over the off peak season. Likewise, flight tickets are also more expensive at this time. Therefore, if you want a luxurious vacation without damaging your wallet, try to book your St Lucia trip during the off peak season.

If you plan your vacation in advance and use a trustworthy travel agent, you will be amazed by how much luxury and quality you can get for your money. Manage your budget sensibly and do your homework, and you will be able to kick back and enjoy a memorable holiday adventure. There are countless destinations all over the world that are worth visiting – the hardest part is deciding which ones to travel to.

Jamaica Is Ideal For Your Wedding

Situated in the beautiful Caribbean Sea, the island of Jamaica is home to approximately 2.7 million people. In spite of its small size, Jamaica has developed a globally recognized brand image and the island is renowned for quite a number of things.


Jamaica is the birthplace of iconic entertainers like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff, who all played a significant role in infusing the world with reggae music. Jamaica is also renowned as the place of birth of some of the fastest sprinters in the world, including Usain Bolt, the fastest human being on earth.

A number of individuals flock to Jamaica because of its food and beverages. Ackee and salt fish, jerk chicken, Red Stripe Beer and Blue Mountain Coffee are just some of the tasty treats that the island has to offer.

Additionally, Jamaica is well-known for its friendly people as well as its breathtaking landscape of beautiful beaches, lush mountain ranges, exotic plants, cascading waterfalls and its peaceful, slow-moving rivers that make rafting an unforgettable experience. This makes it the ideal location for a destination wedding.

A wedding is a very special event and Jamaica is among the most spectacular places on earth for your destination wedding. The seductive natural beauty of Jamaica has a way of beckoning couples from all across the globe to bask in the glow of the island sun and seal their love with a kiss. Jamaica has a number of settings that are ideal for a wedding of which even angels would be jealous. Each month, thousands of individuals choose to make their love official in beautiful Jamaica.

Below are some details that will help with marriage preparations:


It is easy to get married in Jamaica. Providing that prior application for a marriage license was made, you can get married in under 24 hours following your arrival. The majority of all-inclusive resorts and hotels will make all of the arrangement on your behalf, including marriage license application, as long as all supporting documents have been submitted.

Important Documents

These documents must be submitted prior to getting married in Jamaica:

• Proof of citizenship
• If younger than 18 years old, a written consent from parents
• Certified copy or original birth certificate, with father’s name included
• If applicable, original certificate of divorce must be presented. For widowers and widows, a certified copy of the death certificate is required
• If there was a name change, you are required to present certified copies of the documents that indicate the change.

Regardless of nationality, you will be able to get married in Jamaica as long as your marriage is approved.

Marriage Officers

The most popular individuals used to officiate weddings in Jamaica are church ministers; however, there are other marriage officers who can be hired to legally officiate the ceremony. There is a fee attached to the services of the wedding official and it ranges between US$80 and US$300. If you do not have the required two witnesses, the marriage officers will be able to provide you with them.

Weddings Abroad

There are a number of benefits to be derived from getting married abroad and particularly on the island of Jamaica. The reasonably priced wedding packages are among the most notable. The wedding packages typically include the wedding location, honeymoon suite, champagne, cake, wedding coordinator, decoration, marriage officer and marriage counselor. Many hotels even offer discount packages for wedding guests.

The Most Ideal Time for a Jamaican Wedding

September, October and November are the cheapest months to get married in Jamaica. During these months, there are heavily discounted wedding packages. However, there is a gamble that the weather may not cooperate with your wedding plans. During this period, you can usually expect a lot of rainy days, which can put a real damper of certain wedding activities like picture taking.

The most popular wedding months in Jamaica are July, August and December because of the exceptional weather associated with these months. You will have to decide if you prefer a more budget friendly option with a chance of rain or beautiful weather at a higher price.

Ideal Locations

There are ideal locations all across Jamaica. The resort areas of Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios are very trendy wedding locations. The Hope Botanical Gardens and Devon House in Kingston are popular spots for weddings as well.

The beauty of this island paradise and the spirit of its beautiful people make it a great location for weddings. With the backdrop of its natural beauty, there is no better place like Jamaica to make your love official.

An Overview of Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah and What it Is offering

Individuals who’re traveling to Dubai on business or perhaps for a holiday will discover that there are a large number of resorts and great accommodations to choose from. The fact that Dubai is definitely a well-liked tourist spot ensures you will probably have no worries finding a 5 star hotel to stay in. However, some resort hotels are better than others and one that sticks out for being notably excellent is the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah.

This particular resort is part of a hotel chain that is acknowledged the world over due to its high standards of quality. You will find that the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah offers a level of service which is simply difficult to beat. While a stay in this resort will definitely not come cheap, you’re sure to get good value for your money and have no misgivings over the selection of lodging.

Capabilities, Assistance and Creature comforts

The Waldorf Astoria The Palm is located on an island and looks over a lovely beachfront. You will find a private beachfront you can take pleasure in; as an alternative, you can check out some of the area’s public beach locations as well. In addition, popular sightseeing attractions, amusement parks and shopping centers are located not very far from your accommodation, making it easy for you to get about and enjoy Dubai fully. Additionally, resort workers are of great assistance to people who are unfamiliar with the city, assisting first-time guests find their way about without difficulty and book a Dubai tour.

The place has all of the features and amenities that you would expect from a celebrated, five star resort. Some of the many features and professional services you’re likely to experience include temperature controlled pools, a tennis court, laundry washing and valet services, 24/7 room service and an on-site car leasing facility. The rooms are impeccably clean, deluxe in nature and provide free wi-fi and numerous TV stations.

What’s more, the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah is scheduled to add newer and more effective services which are sure to make the stay much more noteworthy. These features include a luxurious spa as well as a supervised children’s club and outdoor play ground . The two of these features are set to be ready by Apr 2014.

There’s also half a dozen restaurants, lounges and bistros to pick from. These places provide great foods and you are sure to find any dish you desire offered at a decent price. The hotel also provides alcohol based drinks and mixed drinks.

Abilities and Amenities for Businessmen and Women

The Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah is a perfect destination should you be visiting Dubai on business. The resort has 8 different conference and meeting rooms in a variety of sizes together with various set-ups. The hotel’s website comes with a handy outline for you of the style of these conference rooms and members of staff go out of their way to ensure the room you have chosen is properly set up.

There’s also a business center on the hotel premises; the center is available 24/7. The center has free of charge wi-fi and facilities for printing, making phone calls and sending faxes.

What You Should Know About Making a Reservation On the net

There are many ways that you could make a booking at the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah Hotel. The hotel is famous; consequently, you may book your reservation using the hotel’s very own site or any one of numerous vacation websites. In the event you also need to book airfare, then working with a travel website like Expedia, OneTravel or Orbitz can be a great idea; these and other similar sites often provide reduced prices for mixed bookings.

Ensure that you note special requirements you may have when creating your bookings. Service animals are allowed but you will need to inform the hotel beforehand that you are bringing such an animal. You can select either valet parking or self-parking and then there are special rooms available for smokers.

If you want to stay in a high-class hotel with innumerable features, facilities and professional services, then the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah is the place for you.

Have A Perfect Travel Experience When Visiting Marjan Islands By Staying at The Doubletree By Hilton Marjan Island Resort And Spa

The best luxury trip is a tour of the Marjan Islands, which is an amazing, man-made wonder.. When traveling in Ras Al Khaimah Emirate, people can relax on the amazing, white beaches . Travelers can enjoy amazing skies, pleasingly warm temperatures and a wealth of marine life to explore. The perfect place to do this is the Doubletree Marjan Island resort and spa.

Discover The Natural Wonders

It is never fun to be trapped in a small room while on holiday. At this resort, those who like to get out and seek fun will find different restaurants, bars and recreational facilities. People of every ages are certain to find something fun to engage in, which is why families adore this resort.

The Pampering Starts At Check-In

Fresh-baked cookies are handed out to guests when they arrive. They also have access to a top reward program for guests. It is no surprise that this chain has received awards and honors for its commitment to guest appreciation. Those who lstay here will have access to a health club and a spa, with five separate rooms for treatment, kids’ club, facilities for thrilling water sports, two pools and a whole lot more.

The Accommodations Are Modern And Comfortable

All rooms receive a considerable amount of natural light, making them airy, open and quite comfortable. Holidaymakers can get terraces or balconies with a view of the sea. Visitors will additionally have access to a safe deposit box, iron, ironing board, LED screens with climate control features, a safe deposit box and high speed Internet. Each room has a lot of space and features furniture that promotes greater comfort and the perfect ambiance.

Guests Have Access To A Number Of Helpful Services

In addition to having all of the most popular conveniences in your room, you can also get an impressive amount of assistance in common areas, from a highly attentive staff People can find services for limo and car hire, dry cleaning and laundry, buggy and bell desk, and valet parking as well as around the clock business services and guest relations.

What To Do On Marjan Island

One very spectacular aspect of this island is simply the fact that it is manmade. This modern, geographical marvel is situated in the middle of paradise and thus, those who travel here find it to be the perfect place to unwind. Those who stay at the Doubletree resort have access to many different spa treatments and they can relax on the beaches or engage in exciting water sports. Holidaymakers with important business to attend to will enjoy being able to access the professional resources and facilities at any time of day or night. Guest can enjoy all that they resort has to offer in leisure and entertainment while knowing that they have feasible ways to take care of any ugent professional issues that arise.

Dubai Is Just A Short Jaunt Away

It takes just forty-five minutes to travel to Dubai from Al Marjan, which enables holidaymakers to experience all that this region has to offer The Doubletree resort in Al Marjan can make transportation arrangements on behalf of guests, which helps to keep their travels easy and very hassle-free. Trips like these enable tourists to visit Dubai and the fun and entertainment there, while staying in a peaceful setting.

Even The Small Things Matter

Doubletree prides itself in knowing that each element of a pleasure trip is vital. People want to have a peaceful place to lodge and one that does not make them travel far for entertainment. With a selection of top bars and restaurants on site, people can play all day long and eat and drink well whenever they want to. The on-site spa and health club offer numerous treatments and there are many exciting activities for small children to engage in. There are plenty exciting things for each family member to do.

Modern holidaymakers will find that Doubletree is the ideal hotel chain given their vast knowledge of this industry and their dedication to providing optimal service. People can get all that they want and need in just one place. They can fully experience the local scene or they can divide their time between this impressive, man-made island or they can use some of their holidays to explore all that nearby Dubai has to offer.